Testosterone as PED

Testosterones as Performance Enhancer

What is endogenous testosterone?

Endogenous testosterones are pharmaceutical drugs prepared for the external delivery of testosterone to your body. In this section, we will cover the different endogenous testosterone types and their use as performance enhancers.

Benefits of Testosterone for Athletes

Testosterone has several roles that may be beneficial to athletes. This includes increases in muscle mass following hypertrophy-based strength training. Testosterone increases the rates of muscle protein synthesis post-training, which tends to occur over the long term as testosterone increases the transcription of genes driving increased muscle protein synthesis and, hence, muscle hypertrophy. In the study published in 1996 [1], supplemental testosterone had a huge effect on increasing muscle size and strength. The testosterone and exercise group increased muscle size more than 600mm in their quadriceps, compared to a loss of over 100mm for the exercise-only group. They also improved their bench press 1RM by 9kg while the exercise-only group stayed the same.

Tesosterones are used by professional athlethes since 1950s to enhance their performance [2] [3]


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